We get asked a lot, “What is popular in tile?” or “What are other people doing?” Although tile design and layouts range from customer to customer depending on their own personal taste, there are general trends happening in tile.

Linear and Rectangular- Tiles with either a linear quality or shape have become really popular recently. This is especially true with linear mosaics and 12″x24″ tile. At Tile and Marble Gallery, we are in favor of this trend. Rectangular shapes give us more options in design because they can be a visual contrast to the traditional square tile or mosaic. We especially like when linear tiles are used vertically on walls to bring height and openness to a space.

Larger is Better- New tiles are definitely getting bigger and bigger. At the 2013 Coverings tile trade show, 12″x12″ and 18″x18″ were almost nonexistent. Instead they were replaced by 18″x36″ and 24″x24″ tiles. Although it is not necessary to go that large in residential spaces, we encourage our customers to go at least with with a 12″x24″ 18″x18,” or 20″x20″ tiles. However, larger tiles tend to scare some of customers but there are many advantages to using larger tiles. Larger means less grout lines, which equals less time cleaning dirty grout. Bigger tiles, especially floor applications, actually make a smaller room appear bigger and more open because less of a grout grid shows. With not as much grout, more attention is grout to the tile itself, which should be the focal point and not the grout. So don’t be scared to go BIG on your next project!

Small Grout Joints- No one enjoys looking at dirty grout or having to clean it. Luckily the tile industry has caught onto homeowner’s pleas. Many companies now make rectified tile, which means they are made perfectly square. With a rectified tile, one can get a grout joint as small as 1/16th of a inch since the tiles will line up perfectly. That’s minimal grout and cleaning! Even when not using a rectified tile, make sure to tell your installer to use the smallest possible grout joint- at least 1/8th of an inch joint.

Tone on Tone- In 2013, we are seeing a lot of designers and homeowners moving to neutral color pallets that utilize tone on tone color. Tone on tone can result in a very clean and elegant look. However, there are some important tricks to consider so that the space does not become sterile and cold. In combination with this movement of tone on tone is textured tile. Keeping the same tones but mixing up the textures of the tiles can help add interest to a space that would, otherwise, be boring. Texture can be achieved by actual texture on the tile or stone like a split face or by an interesting arrangement of the tile like in a herringbone pattern. Using different size and shapes of tile also helps make a tone on tone style a success.

Not sure how to use these trends in your new project? Come in to Tile and Marble Gallery and we will can help you incorporate them into your design!

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