In a smaller room, is using a smaller tile better?


We find that many of customers are convinced that small tile is the most appropriate for small floors. At Tile and Marble Gallery in Greenville, SC, we want to change that idea. Using larger tiles solves multiple visual problems. We are all familiar with how clutter confines a space. Smaller tiles provide more grout joints which give the illusion of clutter. Larger tiles, on the other hand, eliminate grout lines enlarging the visual space. Not to mention that it is less grout to clean! Whether it is a small bath or a large kitchen, we encourage using 12″x24″ up to 24″x24″ tiles. In almost all cases, the bigger the better!

Is natural stone difficult to maintain and clean?


Nothing compares the natural beauty of travertine, marble and slate. However, natural stone is a porous material so protecting it is important to maintain a timeless look. The product used to seal your natural stone can be invaluable. Most of your generic sealers require resealing and special cleaners. Instead apply Dry-Treat Stain-Proof sealer. Once used, no resealing is necessary and you will not damage your stone using everyday household cleaners. With Dry-treat, natural stone becomes maintenance free and easy to clean even against spaghetti sauce!

Is using natural stone in showers exorbitantly more expensive than porcelain?


Although the square foot price of natural stone typically runs higher than porcelain, the overall cost difference in a project is not as large as many consumers presume. One main reason is that porcelain tiles require bullnose in order to hide the raw body of the tile. Natural stone in contrast is the same color all the way through so no bullnose is necessary. Since the equipment to cut and create bullnose is expensive, these necessary edge pieces can increase the price of a porcelain shower. As result, the cost difference between natural stone and porcelain diminishes a lot when bullnose is calculated. With a difference of only a couple hundred dollars, why settle for porcelain? Instead enjoy the incredible beauty of natural stone!

Porcelain and ceramic are the same quality.

False yet again!

Many customers get confused in the difference between porcelain and ceramic. It is true that porcelain is a ceramic-based tile. However, porcelain is made out of a denser material which is cured at a higher temperature. The result is a significantly stronger and more durable type of ceramic tile. Along with this quality, porcelain tiles tend to also have clearer and more convincing looks and styles. The best news is that with increasing technology, there are many porcelain tiles that compete with the price of ceramic!

My shower is waterproofed because of the tile and grout that I put in it.

Very False!

We have many customers that believe this is true. It is important to realize that while tile is a great product to use in wet areas, it is actually what is behind the tile in the shower that provides the waterproofing. We at Tile & Marble Gallery recommend the Schluter Kerdi system to provide a long lasting effective waterproofing in your shower that will last for years to come.

The cracks in my tile and grout are a direct result of my tile and grout choice.

We are sure you have guessed it by now- False

The durability and longevity your tile is dependent on how you support it. Many times tile is installed over a wood subfloor. Wood has the tendency to expand, contract, and flex in a way that tile does not. For this reason, it is necessary to use an appropriate tile underlayment to absorb the movement of the wood so the tile does not crack. Another popular type of subfloor is a concrete slab. While tile can be installed directly to concrete, it may be a good idea to place an anti-fracture membrane between the tile and the concrete to deflect any cracking that may occur in that slab. There are many types of tile underlayment and anti-fracture membranes available and we will be more than happy to work with you and your installer to decide which is right for your project.

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