As tile trends move toward cleaner lines and sleeker looks, level entry showers are becoming more and more popular. A level entry shower system, or curbless shower, eliminates the step up between the bathroom and shower floor creating a seamless transition. Although the look and design of a level entry shower can be beautiful, the installation can be a hassel, detering many homeowners away from curbless showers. However, with the new VIM Level Entry Shower Pan, installation is no longer a worry.

Typically, when a level entry shower was wanted, the installer had to remove the subfloor and cut the joists. The joists needed to be cut in order for there to be enough slop for water to flow to the drain but still meet the level of the bathroom floor. The result was a beautiful bathroom but also a timely and costly installation. Finally, VIM Products has found a solution to the level entry problem. With VIM’s Level Entry Shower Pan, no cutting through the subfloor is necessary. They have created a shower pan that still has a 1/4″ slope to the drain but can be installed on top of existing structural floors. As a result, curbless showers can be installed with half the installation time and difficulty.

Here is an beautiful example of a shower using VIM Level Entry Shower Pan.

Even with a traditional design, a level entry shower pan creates a cleaner and more attractive design.

Tile and Marble Gallery will be hosting a VIM Level Entry educational class, Monday September 30th at 5:30pm at our showroom located at 1616 Laurens Rd. Please come and learn more about this new exciting product!

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