Nothing beats the beauty of natural stone like Carrara marble or Scabos Travertine. However, maintenance of natural stone, due to its porousity, deter many homeowners from investing in natural stone. Well, there is solution to the problem of natural stone- Dry-treat sealing products.

For many years, a granite company, Consentino, had a patent on their sealer, SenGuard, that they used on their Sensa Granite. SenGuard is a powerful sealer that does not need to be reapplied making Sensa Granite very low maintenance with high stain resistance. Luckily for the tile industry, Consentino’s patent expired and SenGuard has been repackaged by Dry-treat for commercial and residential use. The result is the queen of impregnanting sealers, Stain-Proof Original sealer. It’s name shows Dry-Treat’s confidence that you will never have to worry about staining and no re-sealing in necessary. Stain-Proof’s secret resides in its ability to penetratre deeper into the natural stone and grout, compared to other impregnating sealers. As a result, tile and grout are left permanently treated in order to withstand any household chemical cleaning such as Scrubbing Bubbles or Tilex. Stain-Proof eliminates the worry about what to use to clean natural stone and grout.

Now, anyone can enjoy natural stone in their home with no headaches. Dry-treat has provided the one step and done for any natural stone concerns.

For more information or questions about Stain-Proof or other Dry-Treat products we keep in stock, please call Tile & Marble Gallery at 864-235-8545.

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