The Holidays are a chance to spend time with friends and family. However, many times that means lots of cooking and cleaning. As a result, there are worries for those who have natural stone tiles in their home. What should I use to clean my natural stone? How do I get stains out of my natural stone? How do I prevent stains?

There are few tiles that can match the beautiful look of natural stones like marble, granite and travertine; so of course we want to keep it looking its best. Therefore, it is important when purchasing any natural stone to get an excellent sealer. A good sealer is going to make the stone less porous and therefore prevent against stains and moisture absorption. Once a stone is a sealed, it is best to clean with a neutral pH cleaner. A very acidic or basic cleaner is going to take off the sealer and leave your stone vulnerable. As a result, many customers get worried that they will not use the right cleaner and damage their stone.

Therefore, in order to relieve any stress about what to use when cleaning, we recommend Revitalizer Cleaner and Protector. It is a water-based pH neutral cleaner made especially for natural stone. However, what makes this cleaner special is that it reseals while cleaning. Therefore, when you useRevitalizer, there are no worries that your stone is left unprotected because you are resealing your stone every time you clean it. It is simple and easy to use. Just dilute the solution, apply to area with a sponge, mop, sprayer, ect and wipe off excess cleaner. And it comes in two wonderful scents- Cucumber and Citrus- so your home will smell as good as your stone looks!

With Revitalizer, you will no longer have to worry about food splatters and pops on your beautiful backsplash or all your guests’ shoes tracking in dirt. Instead, the only thought on your mind will be making this holiday season the best to come!

Please contact us at 864-235-8545 if you have any questions about Revitalizer or any of our other natural stone products such as sealers.

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